Ageing well also means eating well!

14 December 2023

Let’s talk about undernutrition: ageing well also means eating well!

Undernutrition is the result of a persistent imbalance between the needs of the human body and nutritional intake. It’s a worrying public health issue, even more so since the recent health crisis.


Who is affected?
Today, 2 million people in France suffer from malnutrition. The majority of these are elderly people. The rate of undernutrition among the elderly varies according to where they live and their environment. This silent disease has an impact on their health, independence and life expectancy. It quadruples their risk of hospitalisation, falls, infections, institutionalisation and mortality.


How can it be detected?
The first sign of undernutrition is weight loss, followed by a loss of strength and muscle mass. To prevent undernutrition and combat this scourge, it is vital to :

  • Monitor the appetite and weight of the elderly
  • Make meals synonymous with pleasure, variety and quantity
  • Regular exercise and good dental hygiene


What can be done once it has been identified?
Improve your diet and consult a dietician or doctor.
Weight should be monitored frequently: weighed once a month and up to once a week for people at risk.


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