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Initiated in 2005 by Nutriset Group, the PlumpyField® network now includes 11 members based in Central America, Africa, Asia, France, and the United States. Thanks to their expertise and industrial skills, they provide nutritional solutions to humanitarian organizations and health professionals around the world.
By producing directly in countries affected by malnutrition, PlumpyField® brings production closer to the most vulnerable populations. The network provides a local response to the fight against malnutrition by initiating new projects for the treatment and prevention of malnutrition. It is also a real driver of local economic development.

Each member of the network shares the same vision: to develop nutritional autonomy for all, defined as the ability of a country or a community to establish a sustainable system to identify and make accessible the nutrients necessary for the development and good health of its population.

The PlumpyField® network in numbers

in the network
through the world
14.5 M
treated in 2023

Its action is based on 4 pillars:

  • Producing high-quality nutritional solutions to meet needs
    Thanks to their partnerships with Nutriset Group, members can manufacture all the products from the Plumpy® and Enov® ranges. They provide an effective response to different forms of malnutrition, tailored to each specific target group: children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and sick adults.
  • Developing industrial tools and knowledge to meet increasing demand
    This development goes hand in hand with increasing production capacities to meet the demands of humanitarian actors in terms of quantity and quality. The network meets international quality standards, especially by implementing new processes and tools.
  • Working with local/regional farmers to ensure optimal supply of raw materials
    Through close and long-term collaboration, network members support farmers to meet their needs, thereby contributing to the development of quality agricultural production in these countries.
  • Supporting the development of interdependent local services
    Whether through the creation of analysis laboratories or innovative distribution channels, the members actively contribute to the development of economic activities in their countries.

We think globally
and act locally.
Millions of beneficiaries
are in need.

Our collaborative model

PlumpyField® brings together private partners and NGOs throughout the world

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