PlumpyField® network

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The PlumpyField® network currently brings together partners, private companies, and NGOs. They are based in Central America, Africa, Asia, France, and the United States. Members share their information and expertise on a daily basis. The expertise of each is pooled for collaborative technical progress. Regular exchanges allow sharing of thoughts and questions to adopt a common stance.

How does Nutriset Group support PlumpyField® members?

Inspired by the franchise model, PlumpyField® enables the establishment of sustainable production systems in developing countries. By joining the network, all members benefit from the renown, technology, and experience of Nutriset through multiple assets and services:

  • Mastery of industrial processes using specific technological ingredients (STIs) essential for the nutritional value and stability of products
  • Experience in agri-food engineering, through the installation of high-performance, guaranteed, and optimized equipment
  • Initial and ongoing training for teams
  • Use of patents and trademarks of the Plumpy® and Enov® range
  • Quality system based on Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) method, with regular audits for monitoring and improving the quality system
  • Guarantee of traceability, from raw materials to finished products, with a methodology and the possibility to use a specific software developed for Nutriset: Origyn
  • Provision of research results and the possibility to develop new formulas
  • Connection with major global buyers, and innovation in distribution strategies
  • Expertise in sourcing: purchasing locally or on international markets, depending on the availability of quality raw materials

The exchanges between members also allow for the pooling of knowledge and the reporting of field needs to constantly improve support for the PlumpyField® network.

PlumpyField® members

The network now includes 11 members based in Central America, Africa, Asia, France, and the United States.

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