Agricultural sector

VAMP project in Nigeria

NutriK, a member of the PlumpyField network, is now embracing the VAMP initiative (varietal selection for the enhancement of raw material).

28 February 2024
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VAMP project in Guinea

At Groupe Nutriset, we support nutritional autonomy by promoting local sourcing of raw materials, with strong and sustainable socio-economic impacts.

19 January 2024
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Training as part of the VAMP project

The Bless Laboratory Services PLC staff was able to follow the Near Infra Red Spectroscopy training provided by Dave Hoisington, Director of the Peanut Innovation Lab at the University of Georgia.

2 November 2023
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VAMP Project in Ethiopia

Launch of the agronomic trials of new peanut varieties in Ethiopia as part of the VAMP project.

26 May 2023
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